During my photo trip to Prairie State Park (southwest Missouri) last month, I saw a ton of Buckeye Butterflies (Junonia coenia) throughout the prairie. Most of the time, they were perched on the wildflowers and collecting nectar. Here are a few images I made of the Buckeyes:

Buckeye Butterfly on wildflower

Buckeye Butterfly on wildflower

Buckeye Butterfly on wildflower

Buckeye Butterfly on wildflower

Buckeye Butterfly on wildflower


The Buckeye butterflies are one of the most common butterflies found in Missouri. The large eyespots on the fore and hind wings are the key to recognizing it. They are quite beautiful to find on Missouri’s prairies, flittering between wildflowers in their search for nectar. And when you find one perched nearby, it’s really cool to watch them as their “eyespots” seem to watch back at you!

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  • Lisa Bates

    Wow! Fantastic! LOVE the DOF on these…amazing!

  • Lovely macros! Delicate and so very beautiful. Buckeyes are one of my favorite butterflies to photograph. Unfortunately, this year I did not spot many of these beautiful insects.

  • Thank you for your kind comments, Julie. Yes, they are one of my faves, too :o) When I went south to Prairie State Park, I saw many Buckeyes … as many as 5 on one plant! They seemed to be everywhere. But my local prairie was so unproductive for them, due to the extreme drought. Hopefully, next year will be much better!

  • Thank you, Lisa. I’m planning on another photo workshop at Prairie State Park next year. Maybe you will be able to make that trip … it is a wonderful place to photograph!

  • These are beautiful Jim!

  • Thank you so much, Mia!