Minnesota – Glen Avon Falls (Re-post)

(This post originally published in August, 2010)

The Glen Avon Falls, at first glance, seems like a misnomer. I’ve got to say that at first look, this feature was lacking in charisma to me! After all, there doesn’t seem to really be any “falls”. Rather, this unique setting is more like a placid little creek … that is, until it suddenly widens into a series of cascading white water, dropping dramatically in elevation over ~100 yards, over a rock base in the water that causes numerous miniature waterfalls down the course. But by simply wandering downstream a bit, and looking back up, at the 100-yard run of cascades, my mind changed just as rapidly as the water was flowing!

I’ve read that the Glen Avon Falls is not a well-known feature to the casual North Shore visitor. But with the help of a Minnesota Waterfalls book that my wife’s sister loaned us, we were in for quite a treat! The Glen Avons Falls is located on the Beaver River and is very easy to get to … if you know it is there. We were there for about an hour and saw no one else while we roamed about, looking for that “magical position” to photograph from.

Here are a few of my favorite images of the Glen Avon Falls:

Glen Avon Falls


Glen Avon Falls


Glen Avon Falls


Glen Avon Falls


I think you’ll agree that although this waterfall is not a typical waterfall, it is quite impressive when viewed from the bottom of the run, looking back toward it’s start.

This post is the third in a series of posts from my weeklong trip to west-central and the North Shore of Minnesota. If you missed the previous 2 posts, you can click on these links to view them:

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