Today In My “Big Backyard”

Had a wonderful morning shooting at my south Cass County location.  Had 3 green herons right in front of me for about 90 minutes (try staying still for that long in a kayak!).  The herons were busy catching/eating small fish. About an hour into their visit, an immature Red-Tailed Hawk (I think, will have to confirm that when I download my images in a while) swooped in and tried to “catch” one of the herons.  All 3 herons flew a few yards away, into a different tree as the hawk landed on a branch where one of the herons had been sitting.  After a few minutes, the hawk moved to the tree where the herons were sitting.  This caused the herons to be very vocal at the hawk and after a few minutes, the hawk gave up and flew off across the water to a tree on the opposite bank.  The herons then flew back down to water-level branches and resumed fishing.  Pretty comical to watch!  Here is one of the images I took as the youngster eyed the 3 green herons (on a low-hanging branch, below the hawk):

Juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk

Juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk

I received an e-mail from my web designer this morning.  He has been working on some of the “bugs” in the new website software and has resolved most of the issues.  Robert has been doing a great job with the website.  If anyone ever needs assistance with a website, I have Roberts contact information on my “Links” page of the website.  Have a great day!

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