Do the Dew! (Part 1 of 2)

(WARNING: Some of the following images contain spiders)  The weather forecast for yesterday morning was “cool and clear, with dense fog possible”, so I got up a bit on the early side and went out looking for something to shoot in the fog. With water levels too low for kayaking, I grabbed my large lens (500mm f/4) and headed out to a nearby meadow where I can usually find quite a diverse selection of plants/wildlife.

When I arrived, the sun was just popping over the horizon and the dense fog scattered the early morning light across the meadow. As I started walking across the meadow, this little bird serenaded me in the wonderful colors:

Prairie bird singing in the fog-scattered sunrise lighting


One of the things that really stood out was the amount of spider webs that had been recently constructed, each one glistening with heavy dew. Here are a few I captured, resembling a fall scene due to the sunrise colors being scattered about the landscape:

A spider's web, in the fog-scattered sunrise lighting


And then I came upon a web with it’s creator quietly sitting in the middle of it (it looks like an Arboreal Orb Weaver, but I’m not sure as he was facing away from me):

An orb weaving spider, on his web in the early morning foggy meadow



And then I found a much different spider sitting on his web:

Spider on his web, in the early morning light (backlit)


In Part 2 of this series, I’ll share some other early morning finds, including some dragonflies and wildflowers!

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