A Little Light-headed

Another common bird found at the Quivira NWR earlier this week was the White-fronted Goose (Anser albifrons). Arriving by the “boat-loads”, they settled into the refuge waters as they migrate southward. Here are a few images I captured as one small group of geese arrived:

White-fronted Geese

White-fronted Goose

White-fronted Goose

More images from Quivira NWR to follow :o)

Photographic Equipment Used:

  • Canon 7D body
  • Canon EF 500mm, f/4 IS lens + Canon 1.4x TC (700 mm)
  • Bogen 3221 tripod with Wemberly gimbal head
  • ISO 250
  • Aperture f/5.6
  • Shutter 1/1250 sec.



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