Fun Friday: Looking Ahead

Finally … back to live posting! Sorry for my absence lately, but I had too many irons in the fire and decided it best to just step away from blogging for a short time, until I could get through all my other commitments … less stress and burnout by taking a short “vacation”. I finished my 6-weeks of photography classes, including extending my Lightroom class by 2 additional weeks (the students just couldn’t get enough!). Then I ended my 2015 art festival season with a grand finale, “Fall Harvest” that was a combination arts/crafts show. This was my 4th year and I ended up selling nearly 3 times more than I ever did in the past! My best sellers? Topping the list was my recently-captured “Perseides and Milky Way Over Devil’s Tower” image, selling out of 5×7’s, 8×10’s and 11×14’s; I returned with only a single 20×30 metal print! Right behind the Devil’s Tower sales were sales of owl images. I nearly sold out of a snowy owl, a barn owl, and a couple of different great-horned owl image prints. It ended up an incredible way to end the art show season! And lastly, I spent the last week in Waterton Canyon (Colorado), including my first 2015/2016 winter season snow … 16″ of the white stuff! But now I’m back home and ready to again share some of my “life through my lens”.

Today’s post include images captured along the Mount Evans Highway (Colorado) a couple of years ago. As I’m now in the planning process for 2016 travel, I am once again planning on a photo excursion to Mount Evans, so I thought I’d feature a few images from the last trip there.

This first image shows the constantly changing weather that makes Mount Evans so photogenic:

Changing weather over Mt. Evans

In this next image, I found a nice clump of Wooly Thistle to use as the foreground in the passing storm:

Wooly Thistles

And in the last image, one of the ancient Bristlecone Pines begged for attention:

An ancient Bristlecone Pine

What will 2016 bring? I’m planning on not only capturing wildlife and sunrises/sunsets, but also capturing some images of the overhead heavens at night. Looking forward to another great trip!



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  • Wendy

    Nice to see you Jim! Yes it sounds like you were stretched pretty thin, but so delighted the results were so enjoyable and profitable…well done..good for you! I thought I was missing your posts in email overload, so I’m glad I wasn’t…These pics above are wonderful, yes you should have quite the trip on your next adventure! lovely to see you, I hope you and your wife and family are all in good health..we just made it through the PNW storm…I’m exhausted..we were lucky, the river held and no damage to home and neighbours, but man that was some wild weather, haven’t seen wind this strong down low before..higher elevations yes..Well peace reigns once more thank God, I don’t remember when i ever felt so physically exhausted from stress keeping a close eye on the Chehalis and all it’s tribs…trees waving around like drunken sailors, but as I say we were/are the lucky ones..have power obviously :)

    Well lovely to see you again..I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving.. I look forward to your next photographic ‘gems’ and hearing from you..Big hugs to you all, Wendy and Cookie Cat xoxoxox :) <3 purr purr xoxox

  • Thanks, Wendy and Cookie! I missed not posting for a while, but just had too many irons in the fire! But now things are slowing down (but probably not for long, with the holidays approaching!). I’m done teaching until late spring, my last art show for 2015 is done, now a little time for R&R :o)

    Last week, we encountered some pretty dramatic weather … 16″ of snow where we were staying, followed by 100 mph sustained winds (although we were about 30 miles from the strong winds, thank goodness!).

    Wishing you and Cookie a great Thanksgiving! Don’t eat too much turkey! :o)