It’s About That Time!

With temperatures getting colder next week and winter knocking on our door, it’s about time for Bald Eagles and Short-eared Owls to again take residence in Missouri for the winter. In fact, I saw an adult eagle soaring over a field near my home just a week or so ago. And yesterday, a good friend sent me a photo of a short-eared owl that she found a couple of days ago. So I’ll likely be out in the fields after this next cold front moves in, to see what I can find. In the meantime, I’m featuring a few of my favorite many images of these two birds that I’ve captured over the past couple of years:

Bald Eagle fishing in the Mississippi River

Adult Bald Eagle flying over the Mississippi River

Immature Bald Eagle soaring over the river

Bald Eagles in tree overlooking the Mississippi River

Adult Bald Eagle fishing

Short-Eared Owl flying over the prairie

Short-Eared Owl flying by me in the prairie

Short-eared Owl flying over the prairie

Short-Eared Owl flying over the prairie

And, with a little luck, maybe we’ll have another irruption of Snowy Owls back into the area!




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  • Alma

    These are gorgeous photos of such regal birds! Love the clarity you got with these photos of them in action, not just sitting on a tree branch! You are talented and apparently patient too!

  • Thanks, Alma. As my wife used to say, “He can sit out there for hours!”. And like I always responded, “A bad day outside is still better than a great day indoors.” Thanks for your comments … have a great rest of weekend :o)

  • Alma

    Did you receive the email that I sent to your hotmail acct re: Alaska trip we took?
    Here’s where I posted to my family and friends the videos that I made up from my best photos from the trip. they are 5-6 mins long, so not a great investment in time to view them. Be sure and turn the volume on to low and then adjust after the video starts.

    “Alaska as seen by the eyes and camera of Alma”


    Plants and Animals:

  • No, I don’t remember seeing this e-mail. Thanks! I’ll watch them when I next go into town and have decent internet available :o)