Bird Heaven, Part 2

Today’s post contains more images from my 2014 Florida photo trip. In today’s post I’m highlighting some of the many Great Blue Herons that call the Venice Rookery home:

Great Blue Heron with two chicks in the nest

Great Blue Heron displaying

Great Blue Heron arriving at the rookery

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron perched at top of rookery

Juvenile Great Blue Heron chicks in nest

Looking forward to another trip to the Rookery!




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  • Alma

    Hi Jim – LOVE the last photo with the bird’s necks scrunched down and the red berries and foliage behind them! How fun to go to a rookery to view them!

  • Thanks, Alma. I’ve always enjoyed visiting this rookery when I’m in Florida. I hope to get into town this Friday and catch up on your videos (I haven’t forgotten, just been busy trying to get everything ready for Christmas). And Merry Christmas to you and your family! :o)

  • Alma

    Hi Jim, I know that the holidays are a very busy time, so enjoy the videos when you get the chance, no worries! I was very silly in that I planned a trip and was gone for 2 weeks in Nov., getting home the weekend before Thanksgiving, and then turned around and was gone for 2 weeks again in mid December! Don’t know what I was thinking being gone that much with meals to get prepared, gifts to get made and cards to send out, but I feel that I did accomplish most of it in a timely fashion and without too much stress. Now to just get time to spend on processing my photos from those trips…. ! LOL

    Best always and a very Merry Christmas to you and may 2018 be a wonderfully fulfilling year for you personally and professionally!