Kayaking the Myakka, Part 2

In this second part of my “Kayaking the Myakka”, I’m going to feature a few of the many alligator images I captured from the kayak.

But before I share the gator images, here is an image I captured using my cell phone. I think you will see how peaceful it can be kayaking the Myakka River. It was so quiet … no cars, no people shouting. About the only sound was the occasional bird foraging at the river’s edge and the sound of water dripping from my paddle as I kayaked about. What a wonderfully relaxing paddle!

Myakka River view, from kayak

And here are a few of the gator images I captured from the Myakka River:

American Alligator

American Alligator

American Alligator

American Alligator

American Alligator

If you missed the first kayaking post, you can find it by clicking on this link: “Kayaking the Myakka, Part 1”

Photographic Equipment Used:

  • Canon 7D Mark II body
  • Canon 100-400mm, f/4.5-f/5.6 IS lens, from 180mm to 400mm
  • Handheld in the kayak, with IS “On”
  • ISO 800 (all)
  • Aperture f/5 and f/5.6
  • Shutter 1/640 sec. to 1/1600 sec.



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  • Alma

    Very nice close up of the gators and their eyes – even from a mobile platform like a kayak!

  • Thanks, Alma! I absolutely LOVE the perspective the kayak gives me with wildlife at the water level. :o)