Growing Into Adulthood

Today’s post features a couple of images I found while editing some of my older images. I have been fortunate to visit Alaska’s Chilkat River Valley (near Haines, Alaska) a couple of times. During one of my trips, I captured these 2 images of a young adult Bald Eagle. As you can see, it is approaching adulthood, as evidenced by the white head and tail … but still has some of the juvenile coloration … “dirty white”, or “salt and pepper” look:

Bald Eagle

In this next image, this eagle is about to latch onto a chum salmon in the Chilkat River:

Bald Eagle Catching a Fish

The Chilkat River Valley is one of the best places to watch/photograph bald eagles, particularly late October thru December, as they feast on a late salmon run in the river.


Photographic Equipment Used:

  • Canon 1D Mark 2 body
  • Canon 500mm, f/4 IS lens
  • Bogen 3221 Tripod, with Wemberly gimbal head
  • ISO 400 and ISO 800
  • Aperture f/5.6 and f/8
  • Shutter Speed 1/400 sec. and 1/250 sec.



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