Fun Friday: Jumping for Joy

A Sandhill Crane (Grus canadensis) enthusiastically jumps about a sandbar in the Platte River, shortly before flying off to a nearby field to forage:


Sandhill Crane dancing on sandbar

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  • It must have been wonderful to have this opportunity play out in front of you. I bet it made your heart race for a few minutes. Congratulations, Jim, on a great shot.

  • Lovely! Beautiful photograph, Jim! One of my favorite birds.

  • Marieb43

    Neat photo. I checked your site to find this. I have been getting all of the updates until this one. I didn’t get it. Marie

  • Thanks for both the kind comment and the alert, Marie!

  • Thanks, Julie! I love the chance to see/photograph them, too :o)

  • Thx, Ken. Yes, it was quite a thrill, particularly since this behavior was listed on my “shot list” :o)