Fun Friday: Bison Tongue

Today’s “Fun Friday” post comes from a quick trip through Yellowstone National Park, on my way back from my Alaska photo workshop, in 2011. As I photographed a herd of American Bison (Bos bison), one of it’s members seemingly stuck it’s tongue out at me, while intently watching my movements (I was quite close when […]

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Give Me a Home …

… where the Buffalo Roam! When I visited Prairie State Park (southwestern Missouri) last week, I first set up my tent, which would be my home for a couple of days:   The campground at the park is quite small … two spots! But on my previous visits to the park, I’ve never seen anyone […]

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Other Prairie Critters

In addition to the Harriers and the Short-Eared Owls, several other prairie inhabitants were seen during my recent trip to Prairie State Park and Shawnee Trail Conservation Area (southwest Missouri). Red-tailed Hawks (Buteo jamaicensis) were spotted seemingly everywhere along the roads and often sitting in prairie trees/shrubs, or soaring over the open prairie:     […]

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Jousting for Fun

Shortly after crossing the Yellowstone River, the younger bison were having quite a time … the young calves were running and jumping about, and the yearlings and young bulls were congregating in small groups and “jousting”, or “playfighting”, with others of their age. This playfighting is common among many mammals and is a way of […]

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Horse Play, Bison Style

As we left our motel in Gardiner and headed around Yellowstone’s upper loop road, on our way to Hayden Valley, we ran into heavy fog in the Tower Fall area, so we had to stop to make a few images:         As we neared Hayden Valley, the fog began lifting and soon […]

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The Crossing

As we drove through Hayden Valley (Yellowstone National Park) in the early morning, we were able to catch bison crossing the Yellowstone River:           Seeing the bison in early fall is quite different than in the peak of winter. When I was in Yellowstone this past February, the mood was much […]

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Yellowstone Bison Attempting to Survive Winter

 On our trip from Old Faithful to Mammoth Springs, as we got near Mammoth Hot Springs, we came upon quite a scene that illustrates the harshness of the Yellowstone winter, as well as the determination that the wildlife must have to survive these conditions. I want to say that today’s post is not so much […]

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In Your Face …

 … with snow. Having traveled to Yellowstone recently, I felt I had to post some of the obligatory images of bison with snow on their faces … the iconic images a lot of us picture when we hear “Yellowstone in the winter”. With snow amounts heavy in Yellowstone, it is hard for the grazing animals […]

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Two-Fer Tuesday

It’s not often that you can get two, very different species in one image! This image was taken near the Tower Junction area of Yellowstone NP. While driving along the road on my way to Lamar Valley, I looked over and saw this magpie sitting atop a bison as the bison foraged for food in the […]

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Bison in the Cold

Today’s post includes some bison images made on my first day in Yellowstone NP. The bison, along with the elk, are really struggling right now in Yellowstone due to the snow amounts being a bit above normal and the recent extreme cold temperatures. Consequently, these animals are becoming quite stressed in their search for food. On our first trip into Yellowstone, the temperatures […]

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