Chilling Duet

With today’s continuing snow and frigid temperatures here in the Missouri Ozarks, I thought this winter scene from a few years ago in Yellowstone NP was very appropriate to feature! While driving the snow-covered roads in the Lamar Valley, we came upon a pair of coyotes who began serenading us with a chilling duet: Our […]

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A Howling Good Time

While going through my large volume of images in my library, I came upon some images that brought back a lot of memories. In 2008, I made my first of several trips to Yellowstone National Park in the dead of winter. While most of the park is closed this time of year, road crews work […]

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Foraging Coyotes

During my hike back to find the bighorn sheep at Waterton Canyon, a pair of Coyotes were busy foraging along the canyon slope. At first, only one coyote was observed, with a just-caught rodent in his mouth: Then, a yawn: Then, the second coyote appeared and off the two went, foraging along the snowy slope: […]

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Other Prairie Critters

In addition to the Harriers and the Short-Eared Owls, several other prairie inhabitants were seen during my recent trip to Prairie State Park and Shawnee Trail Conservation Area (southwest Missouri). Red-tailed Hawks (Buteo jamaicensis) were spotted seemingly everywhere along the roads and often sitting in prairie trees/shrubs, or soaring over the open prairie:     […]

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Badlands Coyotes

During our time in the Badlands NP, we saw several coyotes (Canis latrans). Most of the time, they were at a distance and quite wary of people. But one morning we saw this little guy, who was neither far from the road, nor very afraid. I pulled the truck over to the side of the road […]

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Yellowstone Coyote hunting

When we left the Old Faithful Snow Lodge, heading back to Mammoth Hot Springs, we were fortunate to see some wildlife along our snowcoach ride. This post includes some images of a coyote that was hunting close to the road. Since the coyote was so close, and we didn’t want to frighten him away from his hunting activity, the snowcoach pulled […]

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