Fun Friday: “That ‘No Fishing’ Sign? No, Mr. Ranger, I Haven’t Been Fishing!”

Today’s Fun Friday post comes from Anan Creek, Alaska, the location from where I’ve been posting the recent black bear images. When this big guy looked up at me, I couldn’t help but hear the title response from him! Doesn’t he have a guilty-looking face? Like the proverbial “caught with his hand in the cookie […]

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More Black Bear Cubs

Today I’m posting a few more images of the black bear cubs from Anan Creek, Alaska. Most of these images are of the two spring cubs that I featured in an earlier post. In this first image, mom is taking time out of her busy fishing schedule for a bit of family time with the […]

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Anan Creek 2011: There’s Salmon in Them Thar Trees!

Yesterday’s post featured a black bear family, sow with 2 spring cubs, seeking safety up a nearby tree when a black bear boar waddled into the area. Today’s post is a somewhat similar situation … a younger black bear (probably 2-3 years old) had just caught a salmon in Anan Creek:     After catching […]

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Anan Creek, Alaska 2011: Treetop Bears

In yesterdays post of Anan Creek, I shared some scenics around the mouth of Anan Creek and an image of one of our first black bears we saw at the observatory. For the remainder of the day, as well as the next day, we continuously had black bears around us. But the fondest memory of […]

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Anan Creek, Alaska 2011: A Black Bear’s Heaven!

If you’ve been following my Alaska photo workshop blog posts, we are nearing the 3/4 point of our trip. But first, 2 days of shooting at Anan Creek! Since we spent a lot of time here, I will be sharing several posts about Anan Creek and it’s famous inhabitants … the Black Bear (Ursus americanus), […]

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No Sharing Going On Here!

Shortly after leaving Frederick Sound, we arrived in Petersburg, Alaska (where we had started our trip a few days earlier). Our stop here was only for a couple of hours, so that we could get some supplies for the remainder of the trip. Several of the guests on the Delphinus walked into town to do […]

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Landscaped Whales!

In this final post on Humpback Whales from the recent photo workshop I led in Alaska, I decided to shoot some images at a wider angle than what I had been doing. I had already gotten some nice up-close images and other behavioral images that were on my “to do list” (that is, all but […]

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Whale of a Tail

After leaving the Dall’s Porpoises, we continued heading southward through Frederick’s Sound. Remember what we saw so abundantly when we passed through the area heading northward? Yeh, humpback whales, by the hundreds (at least, so it seemed). Well, they were still waiting for our return! So, I thought I’d do another post on the humpback […]

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Traveling With A Purpose … I mean Porpoise

Not long after leaving Kake, we were joined by a group of about a dozen Dall’s Porpoises (Phocoenoides dalli). It seems like these guys always seem to find us when we’re motoring around the Inside Passage, and they’re always a lot of fun to be with! We happened to see them converging on the Delphinus, […]

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Fun Friday: Strictly Speaking

Today’s Fun Friday post comes from the small community of Kake, Alaska. When we hiked to the salmon hatchery (to look for black bears), I found this interesting sign posted at the hatchery:     On Monday, I continue with our Alaska Adventure, sharing another group of sea mammals that surrounded our boat as we […]

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