Have a Spooktacular Day!

This Halloween post features an image I captured in Ha Ha Tonka State Park a week ago. While hiking one of the trails, we came across the Natural Bridge, a rock bridge that you pass through, on the trail (I’ll post more on the Natural Bridge, later). While checking out the amazing rock formations, this […]

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Shootin’ the Moon

Friday evening, I took my telescope and camera equipment to a nearby farm field. My goal was to photograph Mars as it was in opposition (directly across from the sun and very bright). The forecast was not too bad … partly cloudy until about midnight, then clouds moving in. No problem, I would have a […]

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A Chilling Encounter, Part 1

Today’s post contains images shot last night in bone-chilling (7F) temperatures, near my rural Missouri home. With the year’s first Super Moon rising at sunset, I headed out to one of my favorite, nearby areas … Amarugia Conservation Area. I set up my equipment at the edge of the frozen lake and pointed it towards […]

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Waxing Crescent Moon

Hope your Memorial weekend went well. My weekend was spent working around the house, trying to get caught up on some of the backlog of “things to do”. As I was finishing up the work yesterday afternoon, I noticed the waxing crescent moon overhead. As soon as it got dark enough, I grabbed my camera […]

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When Things Go Bad … !

(A note to my e-mail blog subscribers:  Beginning with this blog post, I have moved my automated, e-mail blog notifications to a new software program, one that is an industry standard Email delivery service. My mailing list continues to outgrow the old notification system and this new delivery system promises to keep up with the […]

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Fun Friday: Fly Me to the Moon!

I ran upon today’s image while perusing my 2016 photographic images. This image was captured at a local Missouri Conservation Area during late afternoon. I was setting up my camera/tripod to capture the early evening sky, when the moon and Venus would be visible. As I worked on setting things up, I looked up and […]

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Confused: Night or Day?

After shooting the awesome sunrise I featured in yesterday’s post (“What A Way To Wake Up!”), I hiked around the prairie and photographed other wildflowers and insects. When I came to a large patch of Helianthus sunflowers, I looked up and saw the moon peaking over the wonderful cluster of sunflowers. It was a bit […]

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Close Encounters of the Venus Kind

Did anyone get out early yesterday morning to view the “occultation” of the planet Venus with our moon? I set my alarm extra early and headed out to a local Conservation Area, where I had a large prairie in front of me and plenty of open space to view/photograph this event. However, I didn’t prepare […]

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Dark Side of the Moon

Not Pink Floyd’s famous album (which is one of my all-time favorites), but from Sunday night’s “Super Moon” lunar eclipse. Here are some images I captured of this pretty rare event, from my rural front yard. Here are images that cover the entire eclipse sequence: An interesting night! I had been planning on shooting the […]

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Day 1 Sunrise/Sunset Over Prairie State Park

  During my short visit to Prairie State Park last week, I was fortunate to be able to see/photograph some beautiful sunrises and a colorful sunset. In today’s post, I’ll feature some images I made of both the sunrise and sunset of Day 1 on the prairie. As I made my way up Gay Feather […]

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