Bull Elk in Velvet

While photographing at the Neil Smith NWR (near Des Moines, Iowa) a couple of weeks ago, I discovered there were some elk on the refuge. I was aware of a bison herd, but had never heard about or seen any elk. But as I drove the backside of the refuge, I saw a small group […]

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Little Bird on the Prairie

While recently photographing at the Neil Smith NWR (near Des Moines, Iowa), I photographed one of the many male Dickcissels I saw/heard on a meadow on the refuge. Dickcissels are very common prairie birds and can be seen and heard singing just about anytime I visit a prairie. Here are a couple of my favorite […]

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Wishing You A Colorful Fourth!

Today’s post features a brightly-colored clump of Black-eyed Susan wildflowers (Rudbeckia hirta), which I felt would be a nice start to the upcoming Fourth of July celebrations occurring across our great land. So enjoy this splash of color and have a great Fourth! Photographic Equipment Used: Canon 7D Mark II body Canon 100-400mm, f/4.5-f/5.6 IS […]

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Fun Friday: Beautiful in Black

While in Des Moines last weekend for the annual art show, I made some time to drive to the nearby Neil Smith NWR to photograph wildflowers and wildlife. One of the highlights was finding and photographing Ebony Jewell-winged Damselflies. I had found a ton of these beauties when in town last year; this year there […]

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