Over the past few days, I’ve hiked a nearby, natural Missouri prairie, looking for wildflowers. One of the prevalent blooming wildflowers at this time is the Spiderwort (Tradescantia ohiensis), which is one of my favorite, late-spring wildflowers. In the first 2 images, you can see the remains of a heavy dew on the plants. The […]

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Spiderwort … Love Those Blues! (Repost)

(Originally posted May 2010) A couple of mornings ago, I visited my new-found prairie to see what wildflowers were blooming. As soon as I entered the meadow area, I was greeted with several really nice stands of several wildflower species! In this post, I will highlight the Spiderwort (Tradescantia ohiensis) plant. I was surprised at the […]

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Hi, Sweetie!

I haven’t posted much on the nearby prairie meadow this year, mainly due to it’s lack of productivity, as compared to last year. I think there are 2 factors that have affected the meadow’s wildflower growth this year:  (1) no controlled burns were conducted over the winter, and (2) our very late, cold spring weather. […]

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