A Beautiful Baja Sunset … With an Added Bonus

During my visits to Baja, at least a few beautiful sunrises and sunsets always seem to be guaranteed. And during my recent trip there, I was able to capture one awesome sunset, with a bonus … a photogenic and unmistakeable Magnificent Frigatebird (Fregata magnificens) wanted in on the fun, also. We were on the Sea […]

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From Washington to Alaska, via the Scenic Route

Yesterday, I posted some images made along Alaska’s Inside Passage in winter. I had a good response from that post, along with some questions about the ferry. So, today I’m posting one more post about the ferry. I published this post a couple of years ago, but I’m re-publishing it today, along with a few […]

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Day 1 Sunrise/Sunset Over Prairie State Park

  During my short visit to Prairie State Park last week, I was fortunate to be able to see/photograph some beautiful sunrises and a colorful sunset. In today’s post, I’ll feature some images I made of both the sunrise and sunset of Day 1 on the prairie. As I made my way up Gay Feather […]

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Sunsets and Sandhills

The Platte River trip started out slowly, with rain sporadically hindering us. But as the week progressed, we began receiving beautiful weather and some awesome sunrises and sunsets. In today’s post, I am sharing some images of the Sandhill Cranes (Grus canadensis) as they return to the Platte River for roosting … and in one […]

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Surreal Sunset #1

Today’s post contains images made during my recent  Squaw Creek NWR (northwest Missouri) trip to photograph bald eagles and trumpeter swans. At the end of my second day at the refuge, we saw/photographed this sunset (note: you may be able to see some snow geese flying about in some of the images):       […]

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Refuge Sunset

I’ve still got a lot of neat wildlife images to share from my recent Squaw Creek NWR photo shoot, but today I’m going to get away from the wildlife and share some images of a great sunset; this magical place often produces some outstanding sunsets. More often than not, when I visit this refuge I manage to squeeze […]

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