A Blast From the Past: Red Fox

While going through my database of images, I ran upon some Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) images that I shot during some of my photo trips to Hallo Bay Bear Camp in Alaska. About the only humans these foxes see are visitors to the bear camp, i.e. nature lovers and the foxes have learned that the humans are not a real threat to them. Often, while sitting and watching/photographing the bears, the red foxes will come right up to us. And as long as nobody makes abrupt moves or becomes loud, they will often hang around close to us while they forage for voles in the meadow or dig up razor clams on the tidal flats. Here are a few of my favorite images of the red foxes at Hallo Bay:

Red Fox with razor clam

Red Fox with razor clam

Red Fox in meadow

Red Fox in meadow, looking for voles

Red Fox peering into Alaskan creek

Red Fox peering into creek … admiring himself?

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