A Different Bear Behavior

Today’s post is about a¬†behavior that I was able to witness and photograph during one of my trips to Hallo Bay, Alaska. One day, after we left camp for a day of bear viewing/photography, we arrived at one of the popular spots used by the bears for clamming at low tide. As we sat down and got comfortable, a brown bear (Ursus arctos) approached the group, along with her two one-year-old cubs. When they got about 50-feet from us, the sow began digging razor clams. One of the cubs sat down and watched mom dig up the delicacy, but the other cub wandered over to a large rock that was positioned right in front of us. The little guy then sat down on the far side of the rock and began eating barnacles off the rock, quite a crunchy snack!

I had been to Hallo Bay several times, but had never seen this behavior. But since this trip, I have also seen this behavior¬†with black bears along Alaska’s Inside Passage. Here are a few images from that experience:


Brown Bear cub eating barnacles from rock at low tide


Brown Bear cub eating barnacles from rock at lowtide


Brown Bear cub eating barnacles from rock at low tide



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