A Memorial

Today’s post was written as a memorial to my Dad, who passed away two days ago. Dad was a big influence in my life and leaves me with many memories that will live on, throughout my days.  As a youngster, Dad got me interested in nature in many ways. He taught me how to fish and hunt (neither of which I do anymore … because I now engulf myself full-time, with the beauty of nature, capturing it with my camera). He worked beside me as a Boy Scout, going on our monthly camping trips, attending the annual Boy Scout Camp (outside Osceola, MO), and staying involved with scouting as an Asst. Scoutmaster all the way through my activities leading to becoming an Eagle Scout. And when I was in elementary grade school, Dad built a homemade pop-up camper that the family took each summer, mostly to the mountains of Colorado and Yellowstone National Park.

Dad taught me a lot about the great outdoors … how to camp, how to use outdoor tools like a compass and hand axe. We spent a lot of time outdoors, respecting and enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature. As a nature photographer, I constantly use all the knowledge and skills that Dad taught me.

As a memorial to Dad, I decided to write this blog post to thank him for everything he taught us, and for all the great times we had. Below, I’ve gone through and added a few nature images I’ve captured over the past few years, from my various experiences in nature. Thank you, Dad!

Brown Bear Family resting on the beach

Sea Otter Mom & Pup

Bald Eagle


Mountain Goat kids at play

Mountain Waterfall

Colorado's Red Mountains

Green Metallic Bee

Double-crested Cormorant taking a nap

Sunset in the Badlands

Bighorn Sheep ram

Gray Whale breaching

Osprey with stick for the nest

Brown Bear with Salmon

Black-tailed Prairie Dogs in a cute pose

Druid Wolf Pack traveling in the Lamar Valley

Bison calf with snow on face

Cass County MO sunrise

Dad was 5 weeks short of reaching his 89th birthday … he had a long and wonderful life. Coincidentally, Dad passed just 3 days short of my Mom’s death anniversary. Ever since her death, 8 years ago, Dad has longed to join her. As of Thursday morning, he made that final trip to again be by her side. RIP, Mom and Dad!

On a final note, Dad’s services will be held this coming Monday. I will not be blogging, or active on social media until sometime after then.



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