Acting Squirrely

When returning to the kayak take-out area Saturday morning, I heard a rustling noise above me as I glided to the shore. Looking up, I noticed a squirrel in a mulberry tree, feasting on the ripe berries. I slowed the kayak and slowly maneuvered under the tree so I could get a better look, and a few images. In this first image, the squirrel is hanging upside-down as he pulls off the ripe berries and stuffs them into his mouth:

Squirrel upside-down, eating mulberries

As I moved the kayak around to get a better look, he climbed on top of the limb and sat eating the berries while I clicked a couple of pictures of him:

Squirrel eating mulberries & watching me

As I shot away, he moved about and decided to “hide” from me. I love this next shot … as he attempts to hide, not only is he still visible (you can see his eye peering between the leaves), but look at his “love handle” as his stomach wraps around the limb! It was quite hard to make this shot as I was laughing so much. Good thing I have IS (Image Stabilization) built into my lens!

Squirrel hiding in tree

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