All Dressed Up & Awaiting an Invitation

From a trip to south Texas in spring, today’s post highlights one of the reasons I wanted to travel to the Rio Grande Valley to photograph birds … the painted bunting. Painted buntings (Passerina ciris) are not commonly found in Missouri, although a few will wander into our area from time to time. But getting a chance to photograph these beauties over 3 days was a real treat! The male painted bunting is the real show-stopper, seemingly all dressed up and just waiting for an invitation:

Male Painted Bunting

Male Painted Bunting

Male Painted Bunting


The female painted bunting, although not as striking, is still beautiful in her own way:

Female Painted Bunting at waterhole

Female Painted Bunting


In a followup post, I will share some cool, action shots of the painted bunting as they bathed in a water pool.

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