American Eagle Day

Today is American Eagle Day and I’m featuring some of my favorite Bald Eagle images I’ve captured over the years. Eagles are one of the top 5 subjects I like to photograph. As we celebrate today, please enjoy some bald eagles I’ve met along the journey:

Adult Bald Eagle fishing

Bald Eagle soaring in the heavy snowfall


Bald Eagle sitting on iceberg

Bald Eagle in tree at Anan Creek, AK

Two-toned Bald Eagle

Closeup look at Bald Eagle's talons

Bald Eagles in the snowy landscape

Adult Bald Eagle flying over the Mississippi River

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle watching Magpie

Bald Eagle feather covered with frost

Bald Eagle flying in front of the rising sun

Just a very small collection of my Bald Eagle images. Enjoy our national symbol today!

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