Anan Creek 2011: There’s Salmon in Them Thar Trees!

Yesterday’s post featured a black bear family, sow with 2 spring cubs, seeking safety up a nearby tree when a black bear boar waddled into the area. Today’s post is a somewhat similar situation … a younger black bear (probably 2-3 years old) had just caught a salmon in Anan Creek:


Young black bear with salmon caught in Anan Creek


After catching the fish, he looked around for a safe place to eat his meal … bears are notorious at taking fish away from other, younger (or, weak) bears. Here he is rambling around, over the rocks, looking for a good place to hide from older bears:


Young black bear looks for a safe place to eat freshly caught salmon


Looks like this young guy has learned his lesson well! “They can’t get me up this tree!”


Black Bear climbing tree with a salmon


Black Bear climbing tree with salmon



Black bears are excellent climbers (their claws are better shaped and adapted for climbing than the brown, or grizzly, bear) and they will often flee up a tree for safety. Apparently, a “to go” dinner is subject to be eaten up a tree, as well! By the way, if you look closely at the tree and compare it to yesterday’s post with the black bear family, you will see that both sets of images are in the same tree (I didn’t even notice that until I got home and was doing post-shooting editing)! That must be a popular tree at Anan Creek!

Tomorrow, I’ll feature some more black bear cub images from Anan Creek.

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