Anan Creek, Alaska 2011: Treetop Bears

In yesterdays post of Anan Creek, I shared some scenics around the mouth of Anan Creek and an image of one of our first black bears we saw at the observatory. For the remainder of the day, as well as the next day, we continuously had black bears around us. But the fondest memory of Anan Creek would be the bear family that we would see both days … a mom and her 2 spring cubs. I will share several images of this family, starting with today’s “treetop” adventure.

As mom and the cubs were wandering around the rocks of Anan Creek, mom suddenly sensed the arrival of another, large black bear … a boar (male):


Black Bear boar with a salmon


Immediately, mom sent her 2 cubs scurrying up a nearby tree, with her following close behind:


Black Bear sow and spring cubs in a tree



Black Bear sow and her 2 spring cubs in a tree



Boars are always a potential threat to cubs, especially the smaller ones. Boars are known to kill small cubs in an effort to get the sow to mate with them. So, whenever a boar comes around, the sows will almost always hurry their little ones off to a safe area … even a treetop safe house!

Over the next few days, I will continue posting black bear images from Anan Creek, with more spring cub images to share!

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