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While on the Sea of Cortez, we stopped at Los Espiritos, an island, to do some hiking. As soon as we landed on the beach, I noticed a large Turkey Vulture (Cathartes aura) soaring overhead. As he soared out over the water, the white feathers on his wings took an appearance of being aqua color, a result of the aqua reflecting up onto his wings. Quite a unique sight!

Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vulture


As he would soar back over land, the wings took on a more recognizable coloration:

Turkey Vulture


And what did the water look like? Here is an image I made during the hike:

View from Los Espiritos island (Baja, Mexico)

By the way, the larger boat (to the left) is “Adventure“, our boat for the Sea of Cortez portion of our Baja trip. And the small boat and people at the beach are “overnighters” that camped on the island. I’ll have lots more island images later … we stopped at a new island every day, with new surprises on each of them!


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