Baby Blues

Yesterday morning I spent another quality morning in the prairie meadow. Again, there was a very heavy dew and I captured a few interesting species in the meadow. I’ll share some of those images in an upcoming post, but for today I’m going to share one of my favorite wildflowers that I’ve found in the meadow. Up until finding them this summer, I’d never seen these interesting and beautiful little, baby blue colored flowers. The wildflower? Blue Sage (Salvia azurea).

I had quite a time identifying these lovely flowers. In fact, they don’t even show up in the “Missouri Wildflowers” book sold by the Missouri Conservation Department! I happened upon them by looking through a catalog that a popular wildflower nursery in Missouri publishes. This nursery sells only native plants including seeds and several sizes of potted plants. According to the information supplied by the nursery, the Blue Sage grows from 36-60 inches in height and blooms in August-September, although I first noticed the blooms in July (probably due to the abnormally high moisture we received early this summer). They will grow in sun to light shade and requires dry-to-average moisture. I think you will agree these wildflowers are quite showy!

This first image shows some of the blooms on the tall stalk:

Blue Sage wildflower blooms

And this next image shows the relative height of the plant in the meadow, easily reaching 5 feet tall:

Blue Sage wildflower, showing plant height

Wonderful little wildflowers. And their showy little “baby blues” lightly swaying in the breeze tend to captivate me so much. I am so glad I happened upon this unique little prairie meadow!

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