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With the American White Pelican posts completed (if you missed any of them, you can click on these 3 links to catch up on these beautiful visitors to our local lake:  “Fun Friday: Contortionist Bird“, “You Know the Migration is On Whenever …“, and “White Pelicans in Flight“), today’s post gets back to my recent trip to Baja.

After our first night in La Paz, on the Baja Peninsula (if you missed it, here is a link to our interesting trip to Baja: “Baja, No Problem!“), we had a busy first day. We awoke to an early Bajan breakfast of burritos, refried beans, assorted rolls, fruit juices and coffee. After our group had finished breakfast, we grabbed all our luggage and gear from our motel rooms and stashed everything (except for some photo equipment that we would use during the day, around La Paz) into one room, where it was locked until the boat crew picked everything up and transferred to our boat, “Adventure“, for our week on the Sea of Cortez.

We then took a walk to our trip outfitter, just a few short blocks away, to get sized and pick up snorkeling gear and wetsuits, which we would be using at several locations along our Sea of Cortez adventure, including snorkeling with whale sharks, and with baby California Sea Lions, and just to view the beautiful underwater “landscapes” of colorful plants and fish. After choosing our snorkeling gear, we all walked down to the La Paz harbor, just a couple of blocks away, where we waited for the outfitter to bring a couple of skiffs to the harbor for a day trip just outside La Paz to look for whale sharks. At the harbor entrance, this beautiful monument stands:

Monument at La Paz harbor (Baja, Mexico)

After we arrived at the beach, we photographed a lot of birds that happened to be at the harbor, while awaiting our skiffs. Here are a few of my favorite images of the numerous Brown Pelicans (Pelecanus occidentalis):

Immature Brown Pelicans on fishing boat

Immature Brown Pelican

The above pelicans are immature, lacking the brighter color of the adults:

Adult Brown Pelican


And to compare the two together, I found this pair that was willing to be photographed:

An immature and an adult Brown Pelican


And here is an adult, taking flight across the bay:

Adult Brown Pelican in flight


In my next post, I’ll share a few more birds that were present at the La Paz harbor.

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