Bear Bait!

With all the activity around me, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to post, so here’s an update.

I’m currently waiting for my photo workshop to begin and getting all my images downloaded and memory cards emptied and formatted. Tomorrow, the group will head out to LeConte Glacier for a wonderful day of shooting blue icebergs, a calving glacier, and plenty of Harbor Seals and Bald Eagles!

And in just a few days, our adventures with the bears begin. It looks like we should have some great photo opps with the bears … while in Ketchikan, I hiked up Ketchikan Creek and was amazed at the number of salmon working their way upstream to spawn. So, with bear bait in place, all we need is the bears … and I’m sure they will be plentiful! Here is an image I made along Ketchikan Creek, of the salmon “resting” in rather calm waters, after fighting a truly uphill struggle against water falls and rapidly moving water (it rained ~8 inches last Saturday, the day before I arrived in Ketchikan):


Salmon resting during uphill migration

With all the activities going on, and preparing my last-minute photography presentations for the workshop, I’ll likely not post again until the workshop is completed. But should have some cool stuff to share!

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