Beautiful Blast Off

Last Friday morning, I was able to take my first kayak trip of 2012. The main thing I saw was a rather large group of Canada Geese (Branta canadensis). I arrived at the area about 35 minutes before sunrise, quickly unloaded the kayak and began getting into place as the colors were starting to develop in the sky (a weather front had just passed through many times that means great sunrises!). Immediately thereafter, the geese began lifting off and flying right into the beautiful color developing:


Canada Geese blastoff at sunrise


Canada Geese take flight at sunrise


Canada Geese take flight at sunrise


Canada Geese take flight at sunrise



This is one of my favorite kayak locations. Our draught last summer/fall was so severe that I was unable to kayak at this location since July! This area used to be a man-made duck hunting club, but is now owned by the Missouri Department of Conservation. Being built as a duck hunting location, the water is only ~24-30 inches deep at the deepest point! And it is near a river that tends to flood easily, so water is not usually an issue here.

During a trip to check out the location last September, it was totally dried up … no standing water anywhere. With some rains over the winter, the area now has water again … only ~12 inches, but that is a good start. But I’m really concerned how this area will accommodate wildlife this year, even if we get some good spring rains. With the area being dried up, there likely will be no/insufficient fish for the birds and the raccoons. But I did notice several signs of recent beaver activity here, so at least they should be around … that is, unless we have another draught!


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