Beauty in Black and White

The photo highlighted in today’s post was made last week in one of my two kayak outings. As I paddled around the water, I saw a very small bird flitting about in a tree. As I got closer, I recognized it as a Black-and-White Warbler (Mniotilta varia), which is a “lifer” for me. According to my bird field guides, western Missouri is on the western fringe of this warbler’s home range. I had often looked for them, but to no avail. And when I found this one, I was only able to grab one quick image … as most warblers do, this one continuously moved about and quickly flew off. Here is the one image I managed to capture:

Black-and-White Warbler

As you can see, he was in the “upside-down” position as I made this image … probably looking about the tree branches/leaves for insects. One of my field guides notes that the Black-and-White Warbler “creeps about major limbs and trunks of trees, often acting like a nuthatch.” That description certainly matches his behavior in front of me! Now that I know this black-and-white beauty is in the area, I certainly will keep an eye out for more photo opps with them!

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