Bridges of Madison County: Hogback

Today’s featured bridge, the Hogback covered bridge, was one of my favorite. The Hogback bridge was built in 1884 by Benton Jones and today it sits in it’s original location, in a wonderful valley just northwest of Winterset. The Hogback bridge was named for the limestone ridge that resides just to the west of the bridge. The Hogback bridge is 97 feet long. It was completely renovated in 1992 at a cost of $118,810.

Here are some images of the Hogback covered bridge:

Hogback covered bridge

The remaining images are HDR processed images, most using 7 images (-3 EV,-2 EV,-1 EV, 0 EV, +1 EV,+2 EV, +3 EV):

Hogback covered bridge

Hogback covered bridge

This final HDR image was made shortly after the sun fell behind the hills that were behind me. I was hoping on getting a colorful sky above the bridge, but the lack of clouds nixed that idea. Even so, you can see there is a bit of color in the sky near the horizon:


The Hogback covered bridge was one of my favorites. Why? I believe it was because there were more photo opportunities with this covered bridge than most of the bridges … a nice creek with reflections, a wonderful countryside setting, lots of trees in the background, and the ability to walk around the bridge from any direction and still have a beautiful view!

I’m going to post a few nature images over the next couple of days, then I’ll feature the final 2 covered bridges of Madison County :o)



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