Butter-And-Eggs … Yummm

During my recent Minnesota trip, I found a new wildflower for me, the “Butter-and-Eggs” (Linaria vulgaris):

Butter-And-Eggs wildflower

Butter-And-Eggs wildflower

This beauty is in the Figwort family, and also known as Toadflax. It grows 1-3 feet high and the flowers are 3/4″ to 1″ long, and gets it’s common name of Butter-and-Eggs from it’s uncanny resemblance to just that … kinda like “sunnyside up”.  :o)

It flowers from June to September and it loves to grow in disturbed areas, such as roadsides (these images were made along the shoreline at the harbor in Grand Marais, Minnesota). This wild snapdragon flower is considered an aggressive weed by many.



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