Butterfly Flower

As I was leaving the Prairie Meadow the other day, I noticed a new plant now blooming, the Gaura or Butterfly Flower (Gaura biennis):

Gaura wildflower

In the above image, there are several flowers shown, 2 white ones and one pink one. The pink flower is one that is fading; the flowers are first white, then fade to pink. Also, if you look at the bottom of the pink flower, you will see a small jumping spider that is hanging on. I didn’t even notice this little guy until after I got home and downloaded the images to my computer! The Gaura flower contains 4 white petals, recurved and about 5/8-inches long. And there are 8 stamens that point forward and curve downward, simulating a small butterfly:

Gaura wildflower

And in the next image you can see what the entire plant looks like, with it’s erect stalk, branched near the top, and standing 5 feet tall:

Gaura wildflower plant

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