“Cheerful Little Guy”

When I kayaked yesterday morning, my intent was to find and photograph some more warblers.  I arrived at my location about 30 minutes before sunrise and unloaded the kayak and eased into the water.  Temperatures were in the mid-40’s and there was a thick blanket of fog over the water, giving the area an eerie look.  But I enjoy getting out in the fog and looking for some dramatic light photo ops.  I did capture a few wood ducks in heavy fog and even an adult beaver that was motoring around the water.  Even managed to capture a “tail slap” on video.  Now, I’m not a videographer so this certainly is not a professional job!  But I will try to post that video one of these days.

A short time later, the fog began lifting and I went to work, searching for warblers.  There were a lot of warblers around; you could hear warblers singing everywhere.  But it was very hard to visually spot them.  Over the past few days, we have received several inches of rain and the water level was about a foot higher than it has been.  This caused less of the creek bank to be exposed.  And with tree/shrub branches hanging down, the actual ground was hidden under these branches.  So the warblers searching for food on/near the ground were tucked away under the branches and were not very visible.  However, I did find a nice looking Prothonotary Warbler (Protonotaria citrea) that was in the open and was in good spirits.  As my kayak floated near him, he continued to sing, seemingly oblivious to me.  That is, until the kayak floated into a floating log.  The noise from this caused the cheerful little guy to stop singing and fly away.  But not before capturing him singing his heart away!

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