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The main reason for my recent photo trip to South Dakota was to photograph some rescued wild horses from the West. I’m currently editing the several days (and many, many) images made of them. I should have a post ready very soon. So I’m going to feature another interesting time with the Badlands’ Bighorn Sheep today. Yesterday’s Post “Little Bighorn” featured a group of 6 young lambs playing along a steep, but rather short ridge of rock in the Badlands NP.

On our last evening in the Badlands, I headed to the Pinnacles Overlook area, in anticipation of capturing a sweet sunset over the Badlands. For anyone not familiar with the Pinnacles area, it has some rather deep chasms among tall, narrow rock peaks. As I was setting up my equipment for the sunset, I looked across the deep abyss in front of me. On the other side, the herd of Bighorn Sheep ewes and lambs were picking their way along the very steep wall. This was the same group of ewes and lambs I featured yesterday … only on this evening they were all together in one large group. I don’t know how they were feeling, but my adrenaline levels were quickly rising, just by watching them! Here are a few images I captured.

In this first series of 3 images, a young lamb is jumping across a portion of the sheep’s “trail”, where no trail existed!


Bighorn Sheep lamb jumping across a ridge


Bighorn Sheep lamb jumping across a ridge


Bighorn Sheep lamb jumping across a ridge


And in this next image, the lamb seems to be asking “Where’s the trail, Mommy?”

Bighorn Sheep on a steep wall of the Pinnacles


In this next image, it seems that “rock sliding” is the only way to get from Point A to Point B:

Bighorn Sheep traverse a steep wall in the Pinnacles


And here, the ewe and 2 small lambs ponder the road ahead:

Bighorn Sheep at Pinnacles Overlook



Tomorrow, I’ll move to another adventure, with another subject, we had on our recent South Dakota tripĀ  :o)



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