Color Me Yellow

This post highlights a few of the many wildflowers that I have so far found in the prairie meadow that I’ve been working. This meadow is producing a non-stop bloom of wildflowers and new plants are emerging/budding every time I visit this wonderful place!

At the present time, most of the flowers are yellow in color. So that is what I’m featuring. The first few images are of Sunflowers (species not yet determined; we have many different species of Sunflowers in this area):

Sunflower bud

Backlit Sunflower buds



There is also a lot of Goldenrod beginning to bloom:


There are also a few more that I have found, but I have not yet pulled the books to identify what they are … my “To Do List” just keeps getting longer!

Hope you enjoyed some of the currently blooming wildflowers from this precious prairie meadow. I’ll be posting some more wildflowers from this area¬†a little later.

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