Just returned home from a wonderful photo outing in South Dakota. Some of our stops included the Badlands NP, photographing 3 herds of wild horses, and a short trip to Custer State Park. My posts over the next few days will be about some of my adventures there.

Today’s post are some images I made on our way home from our trip. As we drove back into Missouri, I decided to stop by Squaw Creek NWR, located in the northwest part of the state. This area is a really great area to photograph nature, especially during the spring and fall migrations. But this area also supports a lone bald eagle nest and my main reason for stopping was to photograph the young eagles in the nest. However, that did not pan out … the leaves on the nest tree were just too much to be able to see into the nest. But we did manage to see an adult bald eagle fly into and out of the nest.

But one of the great birds we did get to see is the Dickcissel (Spiza americana). There were a lot of these colorful little birds on the refuge and we passed many of them as they perched on the tops of the tall grasses and small shrubs, singing their hearts out for us. Here are a couple of images:


Dickcissel singing





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