Do the Dew! (Part 2)

In this second part of my recent trip to a nearby meadow in heavy dew (if you missed Part 1, click on this link: “Do the Dew! (Part 1)”, Warning: Spider images!), I’ve got a few more interesting subjects I found. First, I ran across a clump of Sumac that was giving me a nice preview of fall colors, as the sumac leaves were already turned a rich red, and glistening with the heavy dew:

Sumac turning red


As I hiked the meadow, I came across a small patch of Partridge Peas (Cassia fasciculata):

Partridge Pea wildflower


And some wonderful, backlit grass seedheads:

Grass Seed Head


A little farther on my hike, I ran across what I was secretly hoping for … dragonflies covered with a heavy dew. In this first image, you can clearly see the glistening dew all over the plants and the dragonfly. Also, the many “lens flare” spots, caused from the backlit subject and the glistening dewdrops:

Dragonfly on a prairie grass, with heavy dew


Normally, I hate these spots in the photo, but in this instance I kinda like them, as they help show off all the dewdrops. What is your opinion … do you like them, or not?

After shooting from the above angle for a while, I slowly worked around to shoot that dragonfly with the sun at my back:

Dragonfly on a prairie grass, with heavy dew


Much cleaner, but the impact of all the dewdrops is much less!

And as I reached the parking lot, I found this Widow Skimmer Dragonfly beginning to warm up/dry out from the dew:

Widow Skimmer Dragonfly


After completing the editing process for this day’s shoot, I also found I had a few neat birds, so I’ll feature them tomorrow, before moving on to some more wonderful Mountain Goat images and a special little video of the young kids at play!



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