Don’t Box Me In

Today’s post once again comes from the local prairie meadow. In the last couple of posts, I shared some Spiderwort & Bumblee images and some Pale Purple Coneflower images. Today’s post leaves the flora world and moves into the fauna realm. As I was leaving the meadow, I walked out of the meadow and down the woodland trail, through the woods that surrounds the meadow. Just as I emerged from the woods, I saw this little head sticking up, curiously watching me:


Box Turtle


This little Box Turtle was not afraid of me. It seems that whenever I run into one of these critters, it either immediately turns and “runs” from me, closes up into it’s “mobile home”, or stands it ground. As you can see from these images, this little guy was neither a runner, nor a hider. Even as I moved in closer to get some macro photos, he still was not afraid:


Box Turtle


After taking a few images, I left this guy to his business and headed for the parking lot. This is the really cool part of nature photography that I love … seemingly being one with nature! I do have a few more wildflower images I’ll be sharing. And I’m even hoping to get back out to the prairie very soon, to check the progress of the summer wildflowers there … usually a heavy display of several species of sunflowers is starting to unravel at this time of year. Let’s hope so!

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