Dragon Slayer

One morning last week, as I concluded one of my morning kayak trips and was nearing my take-out point, I observed this Dragonfly that appeared to be very quietly hovering in one spot. I then paddled towards the “Dragon” to get a better look, and this is what I saw:

Dragonfly caught in spider web
Guess this little guy did not see this spider web in the dead tree and flew right into it. After all, when approaching at the right angle, it is nearly invisible; when I first saw the dragonfly in the web, I hadn’t seen the web. It was only after moving the kayak around that I saw the glistening of the web. But I saw no spider present. And when I paddled by this area during the next day’s kayak outing, the dragonfly was gone, no signs that it was ever there. Wonder what the mighty “Dragon Slayer” looked like … How large was the spider? Was it able to consume this dragon in one day? Was the dragon picked up by some bird and carried off to it’s nest to feed young? Or did the wind break the dragon free from the web, only to let the dragon float away? Questions that will never be answered ….

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