Fall Colors Arrive!

Friday’s kayak outing was a bit slow wildlife-wise, however the fall colors are really beginning to show themselves. From my favorite “parking spot”, which is in front of the large beaver lodge at this location, this is what the area across the water looks like:

Fall Colors in Missouri

The colors are mostly from willow trees, which are the staple of the beavers. While sitting at this location, a group of 3 Wood Duck drakesĀ (Aix sponsa) flew into the area and landed on the water. I caught this drake as he swam towards the cover of the willow trees:

Wood Duck drake swims in the fall colors

Not much other migration activity yet, but I expect to see other duck species and geese (Canada and Snow) very soon. Once this activity begins, the area is a real bonanza to photograph. Until then, I’ll continue to enjoy the beautiful fall colors and the resident beavers and wood ducks!

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