Ferry View of the Inside Passage

Over the past couple of days, I’ve been chatting on Twitter with a couple of people about travel in Alaska. During our chats, travel by the Alaskan ferry (Alaska Marine Highway) came up and there seems to be some interest in this form of travel there. So I’ve put together a post with a few images I made during my last ferry trip there, in November of 2009. I boarded the ferry in Juneau and headed to Haines, where I love to photograph the bald eagles of the Chilkat Valley.

These first 2 images are of 2 lighthouses that are located along the Inside Passage, between Juneau and Haines:

Lighthouse along Inside Passage, Alaska

Lighthouse along Inside Passage, Alaska

In addition to the lighthouses, another interesting feature we passed was a glacier that snaked it’s way down the mountainside to the water:

Glacier along Alaska Inside Passage, from ferry

And snow-capped mountains:

Snowy Mountains from Inside Passage, view from ferry

And as we neared the end of our trip, the sun was beginning to fall low in the winter skies (even though it was only early afternoon!) and gave a rather interesting view behind our ferry:

Alaska Inside Passage view from ferry

Traveling by the Alaska ferry is certainly a different way to go! In fact, when I travel north for my photo tour/workshop next year, I’m planning on taking the ferry from Bellingham, Washington. This will allow me a few extra days of shooting as we sail the Inside Passage, which teams with wildlife and scenic views in the summer!

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