Fun Friday: And in the Beginning …

(This post originally posted in May 2007, and began my tradition of posting a funny or fun-related post for Fridays … a little lighthearted look at things as we enter our weekends)

With today being Friday, I decided it is time to have a little fun! This post has a few of my “fun images”, those that show animals in funny or very unusual positions, expressions or otherwise funny, at least to me. When photographing animals, I always try to capture the animal’s various behaviors, but sometimes the actions/reactions of the animals can be quite hilarious. I hope you enjoy this Fun Friday post!

“My right turn signal has been deployed!” (left ear is simply bent behind his head)

“Do you have any smaller toothpicks?” (Note: this was a captive animal)

“Bye now. Y’all come back now, ya hear?” (Note: this was a captive animal)


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