Fun Friday: Booming Birdie

Today’s Fun Friday post comes from a prairie located in north-central Missouri, where a small group of Greater Prairie Chickens (Tympanuchus cupido) reside. For several years, I have been a tour guide for the Missouri Department of Conservation and the Nature Conservancy, leading groups to a covered blind when the prairie chickens are actively seeking mates in the spring. Unfortunately, this population of prairie chickens have not fared well the past few years and we have had to cancel viewing for the past 3 springs … hopefully, their numbers are on the rebound and we can resume guiding some day!

When I was going through my large catalog of images for a Fun Friday post, I couldn’t help but include one of the males that was “booming” on a “lek” on the prairie. This always brought such joy to me, seeing and photographing this endangered bird. So, I will share this image today and someday I will do a post or two on the population at this prairie. Enjoy and have a Fun Friday!


Greater Prairie Chicken booming on the prairie


With my next blog post, I will begin sharing some black bear images from Anan Creek, from our recent Alaska trip!

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