Fun Friday: Busted!

Today’s Fun Friday post comes from the shoreline along the Endicott Arm, in Alaska, during a 10-day boat trip in 2006. As we cruised the Endicott Arm, on our way to the Dawes Glacier, we saw several Black Bears (Ursus americanus) as they foraged along the shoreline. At one point, we came upon a sow with 2 spring cubs. The captain cut the engines of our boat and we drifted in, closer to the bears. Immediately, the 2 young cubs ran up the bank and up a nearby tree. But mom, still unaware of our presence, kept scavenging the barnacles along the shoreline … apparently, they are another source of protein for the bears. As we photographed, she suddenly looked up with a look on her face that was priceless … she looked as if she got caught with her hand (paw) in the cookie jar!

Black Bear sow, looking up from scavaging barnacles on the shoreline

But that did not deter her from her barnacle meal. After being busted ourselves, the captain turned the boat around and left momma to continue enjoying her barnacles.

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