Fun Friday: Curious Calf

Today’s Fun Friday post is an image I made when photographing Moose (Alces alces) at Sandy Stream Pond in Maine’s Baxter State Park in 2006. While photographing, a cow moose swam across the pond, followed by her calf. Once on shore, mom began foraging along the bank. Her calf, on the other hand, was more interested in “human watching”, closely scrutinizing my every move. Quite comical, although this little guy continued to approach me, which I was a bit concerned with. Not from the calf’s standpoint, but I was concerned that mom might think I was trying to harm her baby. So, I continued to walk away from the calf … but the calf continued following me, until we got far enough away that he turned around and headed back towards mom. Quite an encounter!

Curious Moose calf


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