Fun Friday: Expensive Birdbath!


The birds at my house are “upper class” birds … using only the very best for their birdbath, as this male Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis) illustrates:


Male Cardinal using kayak as a birdbath



Recognize the “birdbath”? Why, it’s “Rubber Ducky”, my trusted kayak. For those not familiar with my work, I do a lot of nature photography from Rubber Ducky during the spring, summer and fall. Not long ago, I took Rubber Ducky out of the back of my pickup’s bed and set it on a plastic barrel beside the driveway. After some rain, water collected in the canopy cover (that keeps rain and leaves out of the kayak) and one day I looked out the bedroom window and saw the birds were having a ball playing with Rubber Ducky! The irony is I have 2 other birdbaths around the house, but have only very rarely seen a bird at them!

Oh, and you can see Rubber Ducky is in need of a fresh paint job, which I’ll do before spring rolls around. But first, I have to run off the birds! :o)

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