Fun Friday: Fresh Air in the Mountains

Today’s Fun Friday post is a “writer’s choice” selection. While maybe not so much funny, it is an image that holds strongly in my mind. While exploring Yankee Boy Basin, we came upon this wonderfall waterfall, surrounded by wildflowers, particularly the Blue Columbine:

Wildflowers growing near mountain waterfall

More wildflower and scenic images coming up, from Yankee Boy Basin.

Photographic Equipment Used:

  • Canon 5D Mark 3 body
  • Canon EF28-135mm, f/3.5-5.6 IS lens (IS “Off” while on tripod), shot at 105mm
  • Bogen 3221 tripod with Graff Studioball SB-QR ballhead
  • ISO 100
  • Aperture f/22
  • Shutter 1/4 sec.



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